Versatility for different environments
USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth

The TSP100 series thermal printers are designed to work in very different environments, from restaurants, fast food outlets, traditional hotels, cinemas, betting shops, kiosks, supermarkets, all kinds of commercial establishments, … etc. The USB and Ethernet solutions are perfect for traditional POS systems, where a point-of-sale terminal and receipt printer on the counter are enough. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions are ideal for mobile environments such as bars, terraces, where the user is on the go and wireless systems are an advantage.

The TSP100 printers include a built-in power supply, saving valuable space without additional bulky cabling.

The TSP100 printers are sold from € 168 (VAT included).

FuturePRNT Software!

Printing of receipts on demand, receipt design, simple importing of images or logos, font changes, creation of coupons and registration of all receipts.

100% Equipped

All included: paper roll, cable, adapter for a small roll and wall support. Installation CD Drivers / futurePRNT software. 4-year warranty.

ECO Solution

Save up to 40% energy with the new stand-by mode and up to 70% of paper with reduced margins, text and graphics.


The Star TSP100 is compatible with all major operating systems. With direct connection and receipt printing between the printer and Apple iOS devices!

The TSP100 series

Is eco-friendly!

Discover how!

TSP100 Models

Discover the four models available

Impresora de tickets TSP100 LAN ETHERNET


The Ethernet cable connection allows you to connect the printer to a wired network, allowing you to print from multiple POS devices.

Impresora de tickets TSP100 USB


The USB connection is perfect for environments where the terminal and the ticket printer stand side by side. With direct connection and receipt printing between the printer and Apple iOS devices!

Impresora de tickets TSP100 WIFI


Ideal for environments such as terraces or bars, for table orders where wireless printing is ideal. It has WPS button for a very easy pairing.

Impresora de tickets TSP100 Bluetooth


The TSP100 Bluetooth printer model is ideal for environments where a wireless network is not available but a mobile solution is required.

It is Ecological

All models of the TSP100 have been designed with the greatest energy and paper savings.

Paper saving

The TSP100 allows you to print tickets in 80mm wide or 58mm format without changing the original software configuration, as well as reducing the top margin to 3mm and reducing the ticket by 25-50%.

Energy saving

The printer is only activated when the POS is receiving power. If not, it remains in the standby state, with the consequent saving of up to 40% of energy.

Print on demand

The futurePRNT smart software allows you to print the receipt only if the customer requires it, showing a message that tells the operator to ask the customer if he wants the receipt.

4-year warranty

The high quality of the TSP100 components and manufacturing make it possible to offer a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty, including the head and guillotine cutter (with an approximate life of up to 2 million cuts).

Paper saving

FuturePRNT and AllReceipts

The best software for receipt printers

More information!

All-in-One Printer Driver

The TSP100 is the first software-managed POS receipt printer that offers an instant plug & play application. This allows the merchant to modify a large number of receipt settings without having to modify the POS software that he is using, it is compatible with all major POS software on the market.

With futurePRNT you can:

Create gift or loyalty coupons.

Customize and print multiple receipt copies.

Reduce receipt margins to save paper.

Change paper size from 80 to 58mm.

Preview the receipt during the configuration phase.

Record a transaction log in an electronic journal.

Add images and logos to the receipt.

Change the fonts used in the receipt.

Print standard bar codes and QR codes.

Invert the output of the ticket for a vertical orientation of the printer and for greater user comfort.

Export the printer settings to load them on to other printers or as backup.

Print on demand to avoid printing unwanted receipts.


The fast, secure and simple way to output digital receipts

AllReceipts is a free digital receipt service!

Given the boom in mobile and cloud printing in the retail industry, Star Cloud Services was built to bring IoT solutions to retailers by enabling the over six million Star Micronics POS printers in stores today to become cloud-connected devices.

Star Cloud Services offers a package of services to enable retailers to maximize the data available on their customers’ receipts.

AllReceipts allows retailers to:

  1. Have all the data on all receipts printed and claimed.
  2. Be able to conduct customer satisfaction surveys.
  3. Enable a device management tool that facilitates the real-time status of all installed printers.
  4. It allows you to integrate with an existing customer loyalty program.

AllReceipts allows the customer to:

  1. Save a digital copy of the receipt on the desired mobile device.
  2. See all your receipts by date or merchant.
  3. No need to share your email address.
  4. No need to take a photo of the receipt.
  5. Respond to customer satisfaction surveys.
AllReceipts - Impresora de tickets TSP100
AllReceipts By STAR MICRONICS on Apple Store
AllReceipts by STAR MICRONICS on Google Play

User opinions

Our clients

Some of the customers using TSP100 printers

Office Supplies

The TSP100 printer offers accessories to meet various needs.

cubierta antivertidos

Splash Proof cover

Protective cover against splashes and spills that prevents liquid substances from entering the interior of the printer and damaging the components. Ideal for installations in kitchens, laboratories, terraces, …

buzzer aviso

Buzzer warning

Beep alert to notify you of a new order. Very useful for order management in separate spaces: kitchen, warehouse, logistics, …

soporte vertical

Vertical stand

Places the printer in a horizontal or vertical position offering the retailer a greater degree of personalization and use of space.

rollo papel

Paper rolls

With its “Drop-In & Print” paper loading, the TSP100 uses rolls of 80mm or 58mm thermal paper with thin paper capacity (0.053 to 0.085mm).

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